5 Ways to Make Your Woman Have Completely Satisfying Sex

Even though men and women are sexual beings, sexual pleasure is not the same for both parties. Time and time again, research has proven that men orgasm faster and more than women. Men reach orgasm so fast it is called premature ejaculation.

So if you want you want her to enjoy having sex with you, asides from the sexual skills, you must go deeper than the surface.

1. Compliment Her Body

Most women have deeply rooted insecurity. They often wonder if they are good enough or if there is someone else their men find more attractive.

Tell her the parts of her body you love the most, say you love her. Compliments build up her confidence and make her open.

2. Listen to Her When She Talks

Listen to her talk about her day, be interested in and care about the things she has to say.

As mundane as this sounds, it might be what is standing in the way of great sex.

Communicating feelings and thoughts is another level of intimacy, it is touching her soul without words.

If she knows you are there for her, she feels positive feelings when she thinks of you and that exacerbates every touch.

3. Explore Her Body

A woman’s body is a map, you have to be willing to try different routes until you know the road by heart. Try different things until you understand her body so completely.

Kiss ears, her neck, her back, even her toes. Every part of her body has it's own sensation.

4. Ask her if she is okay and what she likes

Asking her if this or that works or if she likes it is important because culturally women have been trained to be less vocal about their sexual urges.

Asking too many question may be annoying so strike a healthy balance.

5. Make it Participatory

Let her do something for you and give you pleasure, most people are aroused when they know their partners are enjoying it. So, don’t be the sole harbinger of sexual activity.

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