Bedroom Hacks that Actually Work

TikTok is the social media platform filled with tips and hacks on everything from cleaning to fashion – and even sex.

But with so many titbits claiming to be helpful on the app, how can you be sure which ones are true?

The sex advice hashtag has over 1.2M views on TikTok alone so it could be difficult to figure out what’s actually true.

Thankfully, Dr. Janet Brito, a sex therapist and supervisor at Lovehoney, shared the trends that are actually worth trying, The Sun reports.

Stomach Sex Hack

One TikTok going around is claiming that pressing down on a woman’s lower stomach during sex can help stimulate the G-spot.

However, Dr. Brito said it may only work for some since everybody is different.

“The most important thing is to experiment, as some folks may experience more sensation around other areas of the pelvis,” she explained.

Additionally, she advised: “Trying new moves to create pleasurable sensations is always a good idea, with consent of course.”

Pillow Sex Hack

If things are getting steamy in the bedroom, why not add a handy pillow to the mix?

According to one TikTok hack, placing a pillow under a woman’s pelvis during sex is a better position for the G-spot and therefore, more pleasure.

Dr. Brito agreed with this tip and claimed there are several benefits to the position.

“The sex pillow hack allows for an anterior pelvic tilt, or for the pelvis to angle upwards, making penetrative sex more comfortable, easier to experiment with various angles, and allowing for deeper penetration.”

‘Egg yolk’ Pleasure Technique

One viral TikTok strangely suggests using the same technique you would when touching an egg yolk for masturbating.

Comparable to a yolk breaking, you don’t want to apply too much pressure, according to the tip.

However, Dr. Brito wrote the technique is a helpful suggestion, but it’s all up to consent and how the receiver likes to be pleasured.

“Some folks may prefer a less gentle approach and like more rough digital penetration,” she explained.

She also said that filing fingernails and washing the hands is super important.


Another TikTok sex tip is all about the “coregasm,” aka an orgasm experienced while exercising your abs.

Although this may be unheard of to some, this is a very real occurrence and has been recognized by scientists since the 1950s, according to Healthline.

Plus, Dr. Brito said they work due to “an individual’s anatomy and physiology, headspace at the time of the exercise, and repetitive motion of the exercise.”

She added: “They are not necessarily linked to erotic content, but more associated to repetitive body movements.”

Tantric Sex

Lastly, one TikTok user claimed “tantric sex” is the “best sexual experience.”

According to Medical News Today, tantric sex is defined as “a meditative form of sex where the end goal is not orgasm but enjoying the sexual journey and sensations of the body.”

Dr. Brito suggested tantric sex may be helpful for those anxious about sexual performance as it puts the focus on bodily sensations.

She explained: “By being curious about one’s body’s sensations, and practicing a non-judgemental stance, tantric sex helps folk to reframe sex from a performative activity to a pleasure-based one.”

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