How To Give Great Oral To People With A Vagina

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Build up the anticipation

Building anticipation for oral sex initiates the release of dopamine — a pleasure haven brain neurotransmitter. In fact, dopamine is released as a result of the anticipation and not the actual sexual act. And when combined with unpredictability, the dopamine level doubles, enhancing how you feel pleasure.

Start by stroking the clit over the underwear. Then, move on to licking over the undies as well. You can also use your breath to warm up the entire area.

This will build some great orgasm energy. Then, you can pull the underwear to the side for uninterrupted contact.

Mix it up

Sommer says we don’t have to solely focus on the vulva and vagina while giving oral. Use your hands to massage the inner thighs, nipples, and light hair pulling. Combining all these aspects make oral sex more wholesome and exciting for both parties.

Set your tongue free

Playing with your tongue is the secret. Try different approaches, including rimming the vulva or making small circles on the clit’s hood.

Basically, experiment — and make sure you don’t condition your tongue to repeat the same thing over and over again. Vaginas like variety.

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