Tips, Myths and Truths about the Female Orgasm

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

The International Day of Female Orgasm arose in 2006, when the Brazilian José Arimateia Dantas Lacerda, councilor of the town of Esperantina, explained that part of the women in the region did not achieve sexual pleasure. For this reason, he proposed that August 8 be the date to debate and break stereotypes about female sexuality.

The Argentine Society of Human Sexuality, together with a boutique of erotic articles, produced a report linked to the frequency in which women reached orgasm. Surveys carried out on more than 500 Argentines in 2018 showed that 59.2% managed to have it but 9.1% considered it very difficult to reach climax during sexual intercourse, while 38.7% considered it a bit difficult.

Why some women have a hard time reaching orgasm

One of the causes of this problem is the lack of sexual education and, in turn, the omission of pleasure in the few classes that are offered. Rather, they are related to reproduction, the dangers of pregnancy and disease, not including anatomical issues that are essential for satisfaction.

For example, the clitoris is the only organ that is solely intended to provide pleasure and is never discussed. That is enjoyment is hidden and denied, as well as masturbation, which is very helpful to get to know each other and know what we like. According to a 2020 survey, most people said that masturbation helped to gain a better knowledge of the body. However, there was a coincidence that no one explained the importance of this practice.

To this, it is added the culture of porn, which shows practices with which it is difficult for a person with a vulva to achieve orgasm. Currently, the priority is not only wanting to arrive but also pressuring ourselves to achieve multiorgasmia, squirting, penetration pleasure, simultaneous, etc. and all the pressures end up working against us. Other factors that may be involved in the difficulty in achieving climax are stress, anguish, guilt for feeling pleasure, lack of communication and low self-esteem due to trauma and abuse, among other reasons. Tips for orgasm

  • Know our body and know what we like. Self-knowledge allows us to be responsible for our own enjoyment.

  • Once we understand what it is that gives us pleasure, it is essential to be able to communicate it.

  • Understand that not all bodies work in the same way and that each one must find its satisfaction.

  • Prioritize our pleasure and not think only of the pleasure of the other.

  • Keeping orgasm away as the initial goal, both in encounters with ourselves and with someone else, as it is usually counterproductive.

The clitoris is the only organ that is solely intended to provide pleasure.

  • Exit genitalia and penetration as a sole alternative, exploit other forms of pleasure. You have to know that the clitoris needs extra stimulation.

  • Use sex toys to discover different areas of our body and / or to renew sexual encounters

  • Reduce stress, for example by doing meditation exercises

  • In the event that complications continue, it is advisable to go to professionals to consult about our concerns and begin to enjoy orgasm.

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