Top 10 Sex Positions to try that Guarantee Multiple Orgasms

1. Butterfly

If you fancy a break and letting your male partner do all the work, give the Butterfly sex position a go.

The man stands at the end of the bed facing the headboard while the woman lies on her back on the edge of the bed.

Here she can rest her feet on the man's shoulders while he enters her.

2. The Double D

If you're both into penetration and want to feel more connected than ever, the Double D is for you.

This position has you both laid on your back with a cushion under your hips for support.

Insert one end of the double dildo slowly, then the other end into your partner.

Most double ended dildos have a handle in the middle to guide thrusting.

3. Queening

Queening is another option and a slightly twist on the 69 sex move.

This technique is acting the same as "face-sitting", where a woman squats of her partner's face and lowers herself down to him.

4. Helicopter

Once you're all warmed up, it's time to try the Helicopter.

Just be warned, this one is super complicated but if you get it right, it's all worth it.

One partner will get on their hands and knees, while the other stands over them in a downward dog position.

As they slide inside, they lift their legs into the air so they're supported on their hands and their hips are against their partner's butt.

5. Stand and Deliver

The Stand and Deliver position is fantastic to get things going on those slower evenings.

One partner bends over in front of a chair while the other goes behind.

6. Lotus

Sit with your knees bent out to the sides and the bottoms of your feet touching.

You partner will then sit on your lap, facing you, and wrap their legs around your back.

7. Hog Tie

Calling all BDSM lovers, here's a move we think you'll love.

The Hog Tie works with oral sex or sex toy stimulation as you lay your partner on their stomach and tie their wrists behind their back.

8. Leapfrog

The Leapfrog is perfect for penetrative sex or anal.

It involves your partner lying face down with their hips in the air and wrists bound together over their head.

9. Spread Eagle

The Spread Eagle is designed to expose and degrade your partner (in all the best ways).

Have your submissive partner lie on the bed with their arms and legs tied with either rope or restraints to each corner of the bed.

This one is perfect for oral, penetrative, anal and sex toy stimulation too.

10. The Voyeur

This move is a great way to incorporate some power play into your sessions involving more people.

One pair goes straight into having plenty of fun, while the other person grabs their favourite toy and watches it all happen.

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